The Benefits of Installing a Steel Door

Increasing security is the most important consideration for fitting steel doors.  The greatest weakness of the majority of wooden and plastic doors is the frame. In most cases, they can usually be easily kicked or forced open with a crow bar, breaking the frame to gain entry. Steel plates can be bolted to the outside of wooden doors but they only offer a limited amount of additional security. Most doors are not designed to take the extra weight, causing damage to the hinges.

Steel doors can be expected to give a much longer service life. Even in hostile or high usage applications than the other alternatives, it is important that they are galvanized to prevent rusting, a problem especially for outside applications. Corrosion is not only unsightly but in time will reduce the integrity of the door and frame.

There are environmental benefits of fitting steel doors. Not only do they have a longer life, but unlike wooden or plastic doors, they do not deplete valuable resources. At the end of their life, they can be recycled. Thermal efficiency can be improved by using Rockwool filling and good quality door seals.

Steel Doors do not swell or warp in damp weather. They do not need ongoing maintenance to retain their appearance and integrity.

Because of the material, all steel doors are fire resistant. Certified fire rated doors are available when a greater level of protection is required.  Most certified doors offer at least 4 hours protection.

Since most modern steel doors are now supplied with easy fit adjustable frames, they are very easy to install with only a limited amount of finishing off required.  “Tech Notes” by Haldis Ackworth